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Tips for choosing best textile motorcycle gear

Choosing your right textile jacket and pants needs better materials


There are variety of types and styles of gear in the market most looks good and protected but do they offer the best protection you can get? Is anything missing?

Well.. The hard elbow and shoulder armors or are usually small leaving unprotected section  at the sleeve , same with the knee cap protector at pants .The  textile fabric in the unprotected areas may tear  exposing the rider to risk of road rush and injuries

. The solution: Adding Kevlar ® heat resistant fabric or leather panels onto the unprotected sections. The Kevlar fabric made by Du Pont is lightweight and is  being used in many products such as bullet proof vests, brakes, helmets etc. Adding Kevlar in motorcycle clothing combined with the hard armors offer the rider the optimal protection.

Summer heat and humidity

Textile mesh jacket consider a good solution for summer gear But  is it the best solution?

Well.. as we know our body cools itself by sweating. Does the nylon mesh dries the sweat? Not really.

The nylon mesh allow wind to get in but sweat stays in between the body and the nylon mesh leaving the rider with uncomfortable feeling .

The solution 

While other mesh jackets allows air flow to come in using  Dry Fit mesh fabric  takes it one step further offers excellent evaporation of sweat for much cooler riding in hot and humid weather.

 The Dry Fit fabric is  used in variety of sport fields and its significant to use it in the motorcycle gear as well.

Motorcycle jacket . Note that the Kevlar yellow fabric is in between the armors as well as body sides .Jacket itself is   made of   Dry Fit material-blue color