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Face masks

Against polution  and some viruses protect your lungs and health

Brand: Brosh Model: all
Anti-pollution mask for motorcycle and bicycle riders Air pollution problem: The outside air that we inhale into our lungs is infected with harmful air particles such as smog, CO2, dust and other pollutants. Take Avir Smog Mask-Solution: The unique design of the Take Avir smog mask allows for m..
face mask Anti-pollution for off road riding-PRO face mask Anti-pollution for off road riding-PRO
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Brand: Brosh Model: all
This mask is designated for air filtration, stress on situations when hyper-ventilating due to sports activities or physical work, in terms of off road and or extreme work environment.Mask filters: dust, smog, gravel particles, chemical fumes etc.The mask is made of flexible anti allergenic Neoprene..
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