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Motorcycle Cover for bikes and scouters

Motorcycle Cover for bykes and scouters

Model: all
GOLDWING motorcycle coverHeat shields from four sidesPeripheral tightening string ,Chain lock holes UV coated sun protection for  for long life fabric ..
Brand: Brosh Model: heb
UV coated fabric for longer life PU coated for 100% waterproof. Draw string along the cover circomferance for extra tightening Additional inside straps for secure tightening. The bike cover is contained convenient carry bag With optional inside added cotton fabric to protect t..
Brand: Brosh Model: all
UV motorcycle coverThe UV coating its like a filter that  give maximum protection to or the cover fabric against the  sun resulting in long life of the cover . ..
Brand: Brosh Model: all
UV coated nylon  will protect your bike against water sun and cats with  round rubber and center rubbertwo main sizesSize 1  105 cm length sit  for smal scooter andSize 2 130 CM long  for big scooters..
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